Course - Introduction to Investing

This is the digital form of the course we used to teach at strathmore. This course is coming soon. The course outline: LESSON 1 - Welcome
  • What is investing?
  • Why should you invest?
  • Types of investments
  • Concepts of investing
  • How to make investing work for you.
LESSON 2- Stocking Up on Stocks
  • What are stocks?
  • Types of Exchanges
  • The Nairobi Stock Exchange.
  • How people make money in stocks
  • Sharia Compliant Stocks
  • How to pick stocks
  • Going offshore.
LESSON 3 - An introduction to debt securities
  • What are bonds?
  • Types of bonds.
  • Sharia Compliant Bonds
  • Bond terms and concepts.
  • How people make money in bonds.
LESSON 4– Investing In Real Estate
  • Getting your first home.
  • Investment in the real estate
  • Where to get money to invest.
  • How and where to find bargain properties for investing.
LESSON 5– Unit Trusts, Mutual Funds and Insurance
  • What are unit trusts?
  • What is the difference between unit trusts and mutual funds?
  • Is insurance an investment?
  • How do people make money?
LESSON 6–Currency and Commodities
  • What is currency trading?
  • What is commodity trading?
  • Do they really make as much money as hyped?
  • How do I invest in them?
LESSON 7 - Investing with Investment Groups
  • Why investment groups are important
  • How to actually make money in an investment group.
LESSON 8– Investing in businesses; private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Private Equity ?
  • What is venture capital?
  • How to raise the funds?
  • How to make money.

Curriculum not yet created.

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